Top 10 Amazing Japanese Small Hotels To Visit

Top 10 Amazing Japanese Small Hotels To Visit

There are so many things within Japan that make the country as wonderfully unique as it is, but perhaps one of the things that tourists might find the most interesting during their stay in this wonderful country is the existence of small hotels, otherwise known as capsule hotels. 

For those who are looking to travel to Japan on a budget, these hotels are an absolute lifesaver, and provide the perfect budget option for travellers without having to share a room with other strangers in a hostel! 

Top 10 Amazing Japanese Small Hotels To Visit

So, if you want to learn more about these incredible capsule hotels, as well as what the top 10 capsule hotels are in Japan, then read on, and we’ll provide you with all of the details that you need to know! 

Before We Start

Before we begin to look at some of the best Japanese capsule hotels you can stay in, it’s first important to understand in greater detail what a capsule hotel is, and what they provide.

There’s no denying that capsule hotels aren’t for everyone, so you definitely consider if it’s going to be right for you before you decide to book one! 

Capsule, or pod hotels, are known to be extremely small hotels from Japan that offer a unique form of low-cost accommodation in bustling city centers.

Each guest is provided with their very own capsule, which is essentially just bed-sized, and will also feature either a curtain on a rail or a door. 

These capsules are usually double-stacked and in rows, allowing for twice the amount of people to stay than usual.

Capsules will sometimes feature air conditioning, but will always feature electrical power outlets for your devices. You’re able to keep all of your belongings in a locker in the meantime. 

Bathrooms and toilets are usually found on each floor, and will be shared between you and other guests at the hotel, with shampoo and soap often provided for you! 

So, now that you’re caught up with exactly what a capsule hotel is, let’s take a look at what some of the most amazing Japanese capsule hotels are! 

The Millennials – Shibuya 

Although it’s not a traditional capsule hotel, The Millenials have taken the basic principles of what a capsule hotel is and has transformed it into something suitable for the modern day.

Their capsules are still relatively small, but it features large communal areas, booths for you to work in, quirky lighting, as well as a whole host of other perks too, such as free breakfast and free coffee 24/7!

If you’re young and planning on visiting Japan, staying with The Millennials is a great idea, especially if you’re looking for somewhere to stay on a budget. So, if you’re in Japan sometime in the future, try this place out! 

Book And Bed – Tokyo

Sometimes a themed hotel can be slightly off putting, however, we have to say that Book and Bed is easily one of the coolest hotels that you’ll ever find yourself in.

This hotel, as the name might suggest, has a running theme of books all the way around the hotel, and each capsule is separated by its own bookshelf, with an array of books featured on each one. 

Found in Shinjuku, which is Tokyo’s entertainment district, Book and Bed is conveniently located and also features a bar, a lounge, a deli, a cafe, and a snack bar, so you should never find yourself becoming bored or hungry whilst you stay here! 

Do-c Ebisu – Tokyo 

Found deep in the heart of Tokyo, do-c Ebisu is perfect for those who want to spend as little time as possible inside their room and instead want to be out exploring and adventuring their way through the incredible capital city! 

This capsule hotel does all of the essentials well, and even has a few extra neat features too, such as free wifi provided, free pyjamas, and free towels.

However, easily the best thing about this capsule hotel is that it actually has its own free spa too, as well as saunas and showers that you can use as much as you like during your stay. 

So, for a budget option in the heart of the city, definitely give do-c Ebisu a try! 

Nadeshiko Hotel – Shibuya

If you’re a female travelling solo, then you’ll often struggle with the issue of many capsule hotels catering to men. However, the Nadeshiko hotel in Shibuya is a capsule hotel for females only, which means you can feel just that extra bit safer during your stay. 

With a small wardrobe and air conditioning found in each capsule, as well as a communal hot tub, this capsule hotel is a great budget-friendly option for any ladies who are looking to explore the city.

You’ll also receive free slippers, a small number of amenities in a gift bag, and even yukata pyjamas too, so it’s definitely worth checking out for the female travellers out there. 

First Cabin Shinbashi Atagoyama – Tokyo 

Top 10 Amazing Japanese Small Hotels To Visit

Although it’s a capsule hotel by name, the rooms in First Cabin Shinbashi Atagoyama are much bigger than the traditional capsule hotel rooms are, which is perfect for those who are slightly uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in such a compact space. 

What’s also great about this hotel is that despite the rooms being much larger than usual capsule hotels, the price of the rooms remains close to other capsule hotels, so these rooms are definitely considered good value for money. 

The standard room comes with a flat-screen TV, free wifi, as well as free toiletries and a towel too! With public showers and baths, a lounge, and an onsite cafe and bar also found within the hotel, it’s the perfect place to set up camp during your time exploring the capital! 

Capsule Hotel Anshin Oyado Akihabara – Shinjuku 

This strictly men only capsule hotel is located right in the heart of Shinjuku, and is a great place to stay for a few nights if you’re looking to stick to a particularly tight budget. 

Not only is it functional, with all of the basic amenities you could ask for, it also features extra comfortable beds (a slight rarity in capsule hotels), air conditioning, a TV in each capsule, free wifi, as well as a hairdryer too! 

There’s also a large communal area too, and of course, shared bathrooms. 

Ueno Station Hostel Oriental 1 – Tokyo

If you’re used to hostels, and want to try capsule hotels, but are perhaps too scared to go all the way, then this hotel is definitely going to be worth checking out! 

This hotel has an incredible aesthetic, and aims to bridge the gap between hostel and capsule hotel, with each pod being set in a shared bedroom. So for those travellers looking for an excellent budget option during their trip to Tokyo, this hotel is certainly a great option. 

Although there are no cooking facilities here, there is free wifi as well as hot tubs that you can use too! 

Manga Art Hotel – Tokyo

Although it might not be as fancy as some of the larger hotels that you might be tempted to stay in, the Manga Art Hotel in Tokyo is arguably one of the coolest places that you can stay during your visit in Japan. 

Since they’re budget options, capsule hotels tend to stick to basic and functional decor, however, this capsule hotel goes above and beyond and uses a load of different manga to decorate! 

If you’re a massive fan of manga, then this capsule hotel is an absolute must to stay in, and the super futuristic aesthetic complimented by the neon lighting and dark metal throughout the hotel. 

The Global Hotel – Shinjuku

This capsule hotel in Tokyo is a great place to stay, with different capsule options available depending on what sort of amenities and comfort levels you’re looking for in your capsule whilst you stay.

The basic option provides you with ear plugs, wifi, and a cozy bed. Other options will include things like a flat screen TV! 

The city is easy to explore from this great hotel found in Shinjuku, so it’s a great way to explore the depths of the city without breaking the bank. 

Spa & Capsule Hotel Grandpark Inn Kitasenju – Tokyo

Although you might not usually place “spa” and “capsule hotel” in the same sentence, this unique hotel provides its guests with a unique and futuristic experience thanks to the decor, and the sheer number of amenities on offer to the guests is impressive considering that it’s a capsule hotel! 


To summarize, capsule hotels are one of the smartest ways to stay in Japan on a budget, which means that you’ll be able to use more of your budget in order to explore everything that this amazing country has to offer. 

So, for the most amazing Japanese capsule hotels to visit, check these options out!

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