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Japan is one of the most beautiful countries, with a unique and exciting culture. From the food, to the traditions, the shrines, people, to the stunning mixture of both countryside and eclectic city life - Japan has something for everyone.

Here at WhySoJapan.com, we can offer you the ultimate guide to taking a trip to Japan. Whether you want to learn about traveling and tourism, living in Japan, the cuisine, or the best spots to see for yourself, we have you covered. 

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Discover Japan's Hidden Gems

We can help you find breathtaking mountains, beautiful forests, remote Japanese villages, hiking trails, Japanese gardens, shrines, theme parks, castles, hot springs, cherry blossoms, and so much more.

Stress-Free Planning 

If you're not great at planning ahead, then you may miss out on all of the incredible sights that Japan has to offer. With our help, you can plan an unforgettable trip, where you get to truly see and experience everything that you want to while in Japan.

From Packing to Budgeting

We even have packing guides, preparation guides, reviews of the best hotels, how long the flights are, and even how much money to take with you to Japan on your trip. 

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Aura Ruggeri

Welcome to my site! A few years ago, I embarked on my first grand adventure to Japan, choosing to dive in without much preparation, thinking the mystery would add excitement. However, upon arrival, I found myself overwhelmed and missed countless incredible opportunities. Determined not to repeat my mistake, I meticulously planned my next trip, diving deep into research to truly capture the essence of Japan.

I created this site to ensure others don't miss out like I did. Through my articles and guides, I aim to help travelers maximize their Japanese experience, offering insights into its rich culture, traditions, and cuisine. 

Eleanor Kline

Hello and welcome to WhySoJapan.com! I'm Eleanor, and I contribute as a writer to many of the articles you'll find here. Over the years, I've made numerous trips to Japan, and my fascination goes beyond just its food.

On my very first visit to Japan, I was immediately captivated, especially by its diverse cuisine. From the delicate flavors of sushi and hearty udon noodles to crispy tempura and the iconic ramen, I've savored it all.

My love for Japan runs deep, and I dream of making it my home someday. Join me as I share my adventures, insights, and genuine appreciation for the enchanting world of Japan!

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