About Us

A few years ago, when I was getting ready for my big adventure to Japan, I had no idea what to expect. While this sounded like a fun and mysterious trip, I was completely overwhelmed when I got there and missed out on a lot of great opportunities because I had failed to plan ahead. 

I had to return to Japan the next year to redo my trip and get the most out of this amazing country! Hi, I’m Aura Ruggeri and I want to make sure that no one makes the same mistake that I did.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Japan anytime soon, do exactly that - plan! Read up on all of the amazing things to do here to make the most of your time. I can bet that you’ll still return home feeling like you could’ve explored much more.

I never want anyone to feel like they’ve wasted their trip to Japan due to poor prior planning. That is why I have created the ultimate online resource to teach you all about Japan and its culture, traditions, food and more. 

Read up as much as you can so that you get the most of your trip - you won’t regret it. Oh, and plan ahead so that you’re out exploring during your trip and not stuck inside trying to figure out your bearings (like I was the first time I went!).