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Aura Ruggeri - Founder

Hi, and welcome to my site. A couple of years ago, I was preparing for my big and first adventure to Japan, without any real idea of what to expect. I thought it would be fun and exciting to go in blindly, which would make it more mysterious.

However, when I arrived, I was completely overwhelmed and missed out on so many great opportunities, sights, and spots that would have been amazing to witness, all because I did not plan ahead of time.

So, I immediately started planning my next trip to Japan for the very next year. I researched everything I could think of, so this time I could really get the most out of my trip. 

I started this site because I really don't want anyone to make the same mistake that I did. With my help, articles and guides, you can really make the most of your time in Japan. 

You will get to see and understand the real Japan and have a more authentic experience filled with memories that will last a lifetime. 

I would never want anyone to return home and feel like they missed out on anything, or that they wasted the trip doing things that were not so fun, when they could have done something amazing. 

On this site, you can find the ultimate resources of information on Japan, including the food, its culture, traditions, religion, and the best places to see on your stay. 

I have read up on so many different tourist spots, hidden gems, and experiences so that you don’t have to. I can also help you plan your trip, show you itineraries, the best restaurants, and how to find the most incredible places in Japan. 

So, when you are on your vacation of a lifetime, you don’t have to spend time inside planning and figuring out your next move, or trying to find your bearings like I did. That time can be spent outside exploring this exceptional destination. 

Eleanor Kline - Writer

Hello, and welcome to My name is Eleanor, and I am a writer of some of our articles here. 

I have traveled to Japan many times over the years, and not just for the food. I am fascinated by the various shrines and temples in Japan, and I love learning about the festivals, deities, traditions, and more that can be found in Japanese culture.

I have visited the amazing cherry blossoms festivals, or hanami, and the Geisha ceremonies in Kyoto to name a few. I love immersing myself in Japanese life, and hope one day to move there for myself. 

On my first ever trip to Japan, I was immediately ensnared by the culture, especially the cuisine. I love the variety of food, from sushi to udon noodles, tempura, and of course the iconic ramen. 


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