What Is A Danna?

What Is A Danna

A Danna is a person who can make you feel good about yourself. They can help you overcome your insecurities and give you self-confidence. But, they are not always someone that you would expect to see!

What Is A Danna

So… who are these people, and how do they work? In Japanese culture, dannas have been used as an essential part of their culture for hundreds of years. The word “Danna” means “one who gives happiness” or “one who makes happy.”

Today we will be learning all about them and why they are so important. Let’s get started! 

A Danna Supports Geishas

In Japan, a Danna supports Geishas (see also ‘Do Geishas Still Exist?‘) by helping them achieve their goals. These are typically very wealthy people, often celebrities. They support geishas financially and emotionally.

The geisha will sing for them, entertain them, or provide sexual services. This culture has existed since ancient times. There are many different types of dannas, including musicians, artists, poets, politicians, etc.

How To Spot A Danna In Real Life:

Dannas don’t necessarily look like their name suggests. The most important thing to remember is that a Danna will make you feel better than anyone else could. Still, it won’t be because of their physical appearance!

You may think that these people have perfect hair and fabulous clothes, or perhaps that they are taller than everyone else and have a fantastic smile.

But this isn’t what it’s really about. Sure, dannas are beautiful people, but beauty comes from within. Someone’s looks aren’t going to change how you feel about yourself.

When it comes to judging a Danna, there are specific characteristics that you should focus on. Below I will explain each of my top five qualities to look out for when trying to spot a Danna in real life. If you want more information about each quality, then just keep reading!

1) Smile At Everyone Whenever Possible

Dannas are just so incredibly lovely! They are genuinely happy to meet new people, and they love making other people feel good about themselves. Often, they’ll go out of their way to help others.

Even though they might seem shy, dannas actually enjoy meeting new people and being around others. Most importantly, they love smiling! The reason dannas are so friendly is that they understand that everyone needs some positive attention every now and again.

By giving off such warm energy and a genuine smile, you will instantly feel comfortable around them. This feeling can even bring out feelings of joy and happiness in strangers.

2) Help Others Overcome Their Fears & Problems

When you encounter the right Danna, the first thing they will probably notice about you is that you are having problems in life. 

3) Love People Who Need Support

Another characteristic of dannas is that they are often very kind, loving, and caring people. They genuinely care about the well-being of others. They often surround themselves with friends and family members who share this trait. Because of this, they are able to support geishas well.

4) Have Good Etiquette

Danna should also be well-mannered and polite. They should be considerate and respectful towards everyone they come into contact with. They should be careful not to interrupt others while talking, and they shouldn’t take up too much space.

5) Make People Feel Valued

Dannas are incredibly talented at encouraging their friends and family members to feel valued. In addition, they are genuinely interested in other people and their lives. They encourage them to share their stories and ideas. They treat their loved ones with respect and care. 

Why Are Dannas Important?

Japanese culture values kindness, and dannas are known to be the kindest people globally. From helping children learn English to supporting struggling musicians, dannas encourage people to follow their dreams and live life to its fullest.

What Is A Geisha?

A geisha is a female entertainer employed in traditional Japanese entertainment venues like bars, karaoke rooms, restaurants, etc. She provides companionship and entertainment for her clients.

While working as a geisha, she serves alcohol and performs songs or dances for her clientele. Her body language and movements are carefully choreographed to attract male customers.

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In addition, Geishas are required to have special skills, including dancing, singing, acting, writing poetry, playing musical instruments, and speaking multiple languages (see also ‘What Language do They Speak in Tokyo?‘).

Therefore, when hiring a geisha, it would be best to check her resume, portfolio, and references before engaging her. Also, make sure to book your appointment wisely. Finally, a geisha needs to establish a strong relationship with you before allowing you to touch her body.

How Do Geishas Entertain?

Geishas entertain by performing songs and dance routines for their clients. Of course, the number of performances varies depending on where the geisha works. Still, it could range from one song to several hours.

Besides entertaining, they sing and play musical instruments for their clients. Sometimes, they perform alone, sometimes together with other geishas.

How Does A Geisha Dress

A geisha wears a kimono, sashiko (traditional Japanese embroidery), obi (knot-tied cloth wrapped around the waist), and hakama (a pair of pants). In addition, many geishas wear Western dress such as jeans and white shirts in today’s times.

She also wears make-up and jewelry if needed. Most importantly, she always tries to look beautiful.

Who Created The Geisha Tradition?

Geishas were initially created during the Edo period (1603 – 1867) to entertain visitors at the pleasure houses in Japan’s capital cities. It was customary for aristocrats and wealthy merchants to visit the pleasure house just to enjoy themselves during this time.

Afterward, the tradition spread to other major cities throughout Japan and eventually became popular among commoners.

Who Were The First Geishas?

It’s difficult to pinpoint who invented the geisha tradition since the first record of geisha existed during the Edo era.

However, there are two theories regarding who came up with creating geisha: either an individual man who started the practice or simply an amalgamation of various existing ideas and techniques.

Is There Any Gender Discrimination In Japan?

Gender discrimination against geishas has been around throughout history. Also, most Japanese believe that men should not get involved with female entertainers. 

Where Can You Find Geisha Today?

Today, you can find geishas in all major cities in Japan. They are present in most tourist attractions like hotels, bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. In fact, you can even find them working as hostesses at nightclubs and theaters.

If you are looking for a geisha who performs traditional dances, search online for “geisha dance” or “geisha entertainment” websites.


To conclude, geishas have become a part of Japanese culture. Although they originated from the Edo Period, the geisha tradition continues to thrive today. Many people consider geishas to be a form of artistry because of how much preparation makes each geisha unique.

Moreover, some people view geisha as a symbol of Japan because of its rich cultural heritage.

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