What To Serve With Ramen?


Ramen is a beloved comfort food that is enjoyed across the world. It’s quick to make, delicious, and budget-friendly – no wonder it’s become so popular! But what do you serve with ramen? 

What To Serve With Ramen?

From crunchy vegetables to savory proteins, there are many options for sides that will add flavor and texture to your ramen dish. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best sides to pair with ramen.

The Best Dishes To Serve With Ramen

Ramen is undoubtedly one of the most popular comfort foods around the world. It is a delicious meal made with noodles, vegetables, and a combination of tasty sauces. 

Although it may seem simple, ramen can be turned into an amazing culinary experience with accompaniments like scrumptious side dishes.

1. Vegetables

Adding crunchy, colorful vegetables is an easy way to add texture and flavor to your bowl of ramen. Some great veggies to serve with ramen are carrots, bell peppers, mushrooms, bean sprouts, and scallions.

From sautéed vegetables to appetizing starters, there are numerous ways you can serve your ramen to make it truly extraordinary. 

Especially if you’re hosting a dinner party or serving it as a main course for a family gathering. 

You can go for healthy and vibrant options like steamed broccoli or roasted cauliflower, or flavorful tofu and edamame stir-fry for a lip-smacking treat to accompany your ramen noodles (see our guide to cooking the best tofu for ramen right here). 

2. Fried Rice

Fried rice is a classic dish that can be enjoyed by many people on a variety of occasions. It’s perfect for an easy lunch or dinner, and ideal for when you have guests over and need to whip up an impressive meal fast. 

It is also incredibly versatile, allowing you to customize the ingredients according to your taste.

When preparing fried rice, it is important to pick quality ingredients – such as freshly cooked rice, diced vegetables, meats or tofu, soy sauce, and fresh herbs – which will bring out all the flavor of this delicious dish. 

3. Egg Rolls

One of the best accompaniments to ramen, egg rolls add a satiating crunch and unique flavor to this bowlful of deliciousness. 

Egg rolls are made with shredded chicken, cabbage, and other vegetables that are deep-fried and then rolled into a crispy outer shell, adding a contrasting texture to your ramen. 

What makes an egg roll so special is that you can customize it in whatever way you like – from adding spicy peppers, onions, celery, or carrots.

4. Tofu

Tofu, when it is crispy, can be the biggest temptation. The textured and slightly chewy exterior creates an amazing combination with a soft and creamy interior. This can make your mouth water once you take a bite of your crispy tofu bowl.

Crispy tofu is unbelievably easy to make, especially with the help of an air fryer. All that is required are some simple ingredients: extra-firm tofu, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic powder, and cornstarch or arrowroot powder. 

5. Kimchi

Kimchi is typically made with salted and fermented-style vegetables. It has an unmistakable sweet-sour flavor that can be used to enhance almost any meal. 

The fermentation process helps to preserve the kimchi, making it a great choice for anyone looking to add more probiotics to their diet.

Once prepared, kimchi makes an excellent accompaniment to a range of dishes including ramen, soups, salads, or even just on its own. 

6. Cucumber Salad

A spicy cucumber salad is a great accompaniment to ramen. The simplicity of salad makes it a no-brainer for those looking for an easy meal that packs a punch in terms of flavor. 

Chili flakes, chili oil, and soy sauce come together to create a salty, sweet, and savory sensation with every bite. Seasonings such as sesame oil and garlic add fragrant notes that make this salad truly irresistible.

7. Chicken Dumplings

Chicken dumplings are a delicious and easy snack. Not only are they perfect for ramen, but they’re also great for a quick meal or appetizer. The best part is that it takes only a few minutes to prepare the ingredients and cook them! 

All you need is chicken breast, some carrots, peas, herbs, spices, and onion powder. Once everything has been mixed together properly and shaped into dumplings, it’s time to cook! 

8. Pickled Veggies

Pickled vegetables are an underrated accompaniment to ramen. Although often forgotten due to soy sauces, seaweed, and pork belly being popular toppings, pickled vegetables can make your ramen experience even more delicious. 

Pickled cucumbers and peppers can add a subtle crunch to each bite, while at the same time boosting the flavor of your already amazing dish. 

Whether you go for store-bought or homemade pickles, these vegetables are sure to brighten up your ramen bowl with more than just flavor.

9. Seaweed

Seaweed salad is a delicious and nutrient-dense dish that tastes divine when served with ramen. This type of salad is easy to make and can easily be made in advance, so you can serve it up whenever the craving hits. 

The seaweed provides a wonderful textural contrast to the other components in the food enjoyed together with it. It adds an enjoyable salty flavor, while also delivering vital vitamins and minerals our body needs.

10. Grilled Fish

Grilling fish is an easy way to make a delicious, wholesome meal. 

Not only is fish cooked in a flash, but it’s a very healthy choice too! Fish provides lean protein, and the rich flavor makes it stand out among other dishes.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to serving up ramen, the options are endless. From pickled veggies to grilled fish, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your personal taste preferences may be. 

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not try experimenting with different accompaniments to give your ramen an extra kick? With so many delicious and unique sides available, you’ll never get bored with this classic dish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Serve Dishes With Ramen?

Side dishes are essential in any dinner setting because they add depth and complexity to the meal.  

Side dishes such as egg rolls or vegetable tempura will add flavor balance alongside the salty ramen and give everyone something else to eat regardless of their individual tastes. 

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