The Cutest Japanese Flower Names For Girls With Meaning

The Cutest Japanese Flower Names For Girls With Meaning

Are you considering using a Japanese flower name for a girl and want some inspiration? Maybe you heard a Japanese girl’s name and want to know what it means? Or are you curious about Japanese girl flower names and want to know more? Whatever the reason is that brought you here, we have the answers for you! 

The Cutest Japanese Flower Names For Girls With Meaning

Finding a Japanese flower name for a girl and knowing what it means can be tricky, especially if you don’t know much about Japanese names.

You head online to find out more but are met with page after page of confusing and conflicting information. Frustrated and disappointed, you are left unsure where to turn or who to trust. How will you know what name to choose now?

Well, you can turn to us for the help you need! Keep reading to find the cutest Japanese flower names for girls! We have all the meanings to the cutest names too, so you can see all the information you need before you make your choice.

We have also included a brief FAQ section and plenty of other information for you too. 

Cutest Japanese Flower Names For Girls 

Let’s not waste any more time and get into our article today! Below we have a list of 20 of the cutest Japanese flower names for girls and their meanings. All of these names have been inspired by different flowers found across Japan or have a similar meaning (If you prefer unisex names, find our guide right here). 

Let’s dive into the list now and see what name catches your eye! 

1. Chika 

Kicking off our list today, we have Chika. We know it might sound a little odd, but this is a beautifully modern and youthful name for your girl. The name means scattered flowers, but can also mean a thousand fragrances or thousand flowers. 

The name is pronounced Chee-ka and is sure to be a fitting name for your baby daughter. 

2. Yoshiko

Yoshiko has a variety of meanings. It means fragrant child, fortunate child, beautiful child, or joyful child. It is a popular name, with many members of the Royal family having the name Yoshiko. 

It is this use that made the name popular across the country, not just with the nobility. You pronounce it Yo-shee-ko. 

3. Tsubaki

The Cutest Japanese Flower Names For Girls With Meaning

Tsubaki is a variety of camellia flowers found in Japan. These beautiful pink flowers are popular across the country, as is the name! It is used across fiction too, with characters called Tsubaki featuring in the manga series Soul Eater and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. 

You might recognize the name too from famous manga artists Tsubaki Nekoi and Takayuki Tsubaki, a Japanese YouTuber, and actor. 

The name is pronounced as Tsoo-ba-kee. 

4. Ran

Ran is a wonderful name for anyone after a short and delightful name! It means orchid, one of the most graceful flowers you can find. The short name is perfect for a nickname too, or as a middle name. 

Plus it’s easy to pronounce, simply say Ran! 

5. Misaki

Misaki is a prominent female name in Japan but is also used as a surname. It is an elegant name meaning beautiful new flower, the perfect name for the arrival of your new baby girl! Misaki was a popular name in the 1990s, 200s, and 2010s in Japan, with no sign of that changing! 

The name is pronounced Mee-sa-kee. 

6. Sumire 

Sumire is another beautiful name meaning lovely violet. It’s the perfect fan for any lovers of purple, and has additional meanings too! The word Sumi means clear and re means tinkling of jade, adding more beautiful meanings to the name. 

Sumire is pronounced as Soo-mee-reh. 

7. Sayuri

Sayuri is a beautiful name that we think is fitting for the youngest daughter, as it means little Lilly. The name perfectly suits a young girl in the family with a cheeky character. 

There are lots of famous Japanese figures with the name like the musician Sayuri, and the voice actress Sayuri Hara. The name is also widely used in India with the meaning of flower. 

You pronounce Sayuri as Sa-yoo-ree. 

8. Ayaka 

Ayaka means colorful flower. The meaning comes from two parts of the name, aya meaning colorful, and ka meaning flower. The name can also be used with other combinations of kanji characters, changing the meaning slightly. 

When combined with other characters it can mean colorful wind, colorful mist, colorful summer, and other meanings.

Ayaka is pronounced A-ya-ka. 

9. Akina

Akina has a few meanings. It can mean Spring flower, bright Nara, bright greens, bright name, autumn greens, autumn name, and bright south. It is also a Swahili name. Swahili is the official language in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania and is also used in other African countries. 

In Swahili, Akina means solidarity or family bond. These are also lovely meanings that work well for your daughter’s name. 

Akina is pronounced Ak-i-na. 

10. Akahana 

Akahana is one of the most popular baby girl names in Japan, meaning red rose or bright red flower. Not only is it a beautiful name, but it is one of the easiest to pronounce, making it a winner in and outside of Japan. 

Akahana is pronounced Ah-kah-hah-nah. 

11. Himari

The Cutest Japanese Flower Names For Girls With Meaning

Himari is a beautiful name meaning sunflower, hollyhock flower, or Jasmin, spending on kanji. The name also means the ball of light or home of light and love. What a lovely meaning to have for your daughter’s name! 

Not only does the name have a floral meaning, but one of love and brightness too. As your daughter is sure to be surrounded by love and bring brightness into your life, why not give her the name Himari?

Himari is pronounced Hee-ma-ree. 

12. Ayame 

Ayame is associated with the Iris flower, a beautiful flower with global popularity. But we can also break the name down by its letters to learn more about its meaning. We have done this below for you. 

  • The letter A – independence, proactivity, and confidence
  • The letter Y – the person is free from trouble 
  • The letter M – success comes easily 
  • The letter E – a mixture of expressive and romantic personality 

The meaning and definition of this name are beautiful and one we think is fitting for any girl! Ayame is pronounced A-ya-meh. 

13. Akari

Akari is a wonderful name for both girls and boys. Although, it is typically used as a more feminine name. Akari means brightness. It represents light, hope, and the beautiful red plum, giving this name a floral edge too! 

Akari is often used in anime and manga too, so you can expect to see this name crop up in a few places! It is pronounced Ah-kah-ree. 

14. Namika 

If you want an exceptional name for your girl, Namika is the name for you! Namika means flower of the wave, which we think is a super sweet meaning for a name. There is a sweetness associated with the name, as well as a natural element, making it a fantastic name to choose. 

It is pronounced Na-mi-kah. 

15. Kanon

Kanon is a name that has been used since 1980 but is not a popular one. Less than 0.01% of girls were named Kanon from 1989 to 2019. There have been peaks in its popularity recently, but there are still less than 0.8% of girls with the name. 

We aren’t sure why it isn’t popular, given its beautiful meaning! The name can be split into two, Ka, meaning blossom or flower, and non, meaning sound.

Often, the name is just associated with the meaning of Ka, and it is a beautiful flower name for your girl, especially if you want something that isn’t uber-popular. 

It is pronounced Kah-non. 

16. Nara 

Nara is a place in Japan and a rare surname. But it also doubles as a girl’s name that has become increasingly popular, meaning flower from heaven.

The pronunciation of the name is elegant and simple, which has only increased its popularity! Unlike other Japanese names, you should not encounter any issues with pronunciation.

The beautiful meaning is one that you will want to associate with your baby girl, and the pronunciation of Nah-rah means she won’t spend her life correcting people when they say her name! 

17. Yuri

The Cutest Japanese Flower Names For Girls With Meaning

Yuri translates as Lily, one of the most recognized flowers in the world! Lilies have been the symbol of purity and beauty in women since the romantic era of Japanese literature, making it a fitting name for a girl. 

The name is also popular in Korea, Greece, Israel, and Russia. The meaning is slightly different in these countries, meaning crystal/glass, the light of God, and farmer respectively. 

Yuri is pronounced Yoo-ree. 

18. Ume 

Ume is another beautiful girl’s name, meaning Plum. The Plum blossom is another renowned flower in Japan, bearing a resemblance to the cherry blossom bloom. The two often get confused for one another at first glance! 

The Ume blossom is believed to ward against evil and is a symbol of spring. It is a lovely name to use for a girl and reminds you not only of the flower but Springtime and repelling evil. 

Ume is pronounced as Oo-meh. 

19. Sakura 

Sakura is an iconic Japanese flower, known as the cherry blossom. Cherry blossom season is anticipated every year in Japan, with the whole country taking part in activities under cherry blossom trees!

The beautiful trees line streets, gardens, and parks, making the country look like a fairytale – why wouldn’t you want to be named after that?

Many Japanese people name their daughter Sakura, a name that will match her unparalleled beauty. It is a common name used across Japan and is pronounced, Sa-koo-ra. 

20. Hanami/Hana/Hanae/Hanako 

Finally, we have Hanami. You might also see this beautiful name as Hana, Hanako, or Hanae. The word Hanami means flower viewing, a popular activity in Japan that takes place during cherry blossom season. 

Japanese people will enjoy a hanami party under the cherry blossom trees in parks and gardens with their family and friends.

It is this association with flowers and festivity that leads many Japanese people to call their baby girls Hanami. 

Hana, Hanae, Hanko, and Hanami are also some names that mean flower in Japanese, which is why they are included together in this list.

These names are quite well known, so it is not unlikely that you would meet someone with one of these names. 

An interesting fact about Hana is that while it translates to flower in Japanese, it means the number one in Korea! In Hawaii, it means craft, in Maori, it means glow or shine, and in Albanian, it means the moon. These are some beautiful things to be associated with if your name is Hana! 

The names are pronounced as Ha-na, Ha-na-eh, Ha-na-ko, or Ha-nah-mee. 

Other Names To Consider 

Outside the 20 cutest names, some other Japanese names have flower meanings you should consider. We have a brief list of them below in case you want some more options! 

  • Sakurako – child of the cherry blossom
  • Yuriko – Lily child 
  • Kohana – little flower 
  • Umeko – child of the Plum blossom
  • Sakiko – blossom child 
  • Kiku – chrysanthemum 
  • Misako – beautiful blossom child 
  • Koge – scented flower 
  • Hotaru – blossom 
  • Honoka – harmony and flower

Traditions Behind Japanese Girl Names 

There is a rich history of customs behind Japanese girl names. We have covered some of the key points below for you to check out now. 

The Alphabet 

First, you need to know the Japanese alphabet, Kanji. It is a beautiful collection of characters that can help depict each moniker which is often used in Japanese names.

Kanji can be challenging to get to grips with, which is why many parents chose to use hiragana and katakana, shortened forms of kanji. 

Pronunciation, Meaning, And Characters 

Once a name is selected, Japanese parents choose which pronunciation, meaning, and characters they will use. There are over 3,000 kanji characters that are used in Japanese names. 

There are so many combinations that can be used to create unique monikers and meanings, allowing you to select a unique name for your child! 

What To Consider When Naming Your Child 

When naming your child, especially a Japanese flower name, there are a few things you should consider. We have broken these down into some bullet points for you to check out below. 

  • Do you want a traditional Japanese name?
  • Do you want a modern English-Japanese name?
  • Do you want to use the name of a common flower?
  • Do you want to use a unique flower? 
  • How hard will the name be for your child to write?
  • How hard will the name be to pronounce?

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, the cutest Japanese flower names for girls! Whether you want to give your daughter a unique name, a popular floral name, or use a combination to create a beautiful and elegant name, we are sure you have found the answers you are looking for today! 

Make sure you check out our considerations section before deciding on a name and the pronunciation to help you create a beautiful name for your daughter. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Be sure to check out our brief FAQ section before leaving us today. 

What Is The Rarest Japanese Girl’s Name?

Kiyoko is considered one of the rarest Japanese girls’ names. It can be written in several ways using different kanji characters. 

Some versions mean undefiled child, virtuous child, pure child, or rejoice-child.

Is Mizuki A Japanese Girl’s Name?

Yes, Mizuki is a Japanese girl’s name! It is commonly used and means water moon or beautiful moon. 

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