What Ramen Does Naruto Eat?

What Ramen Does Naruto Eat

If you are a lover of ramen and anime, you may be wondering what ramen does Naruto eat? It is depicted quite clearly that he enjoys a bowl of miso ramen topped with delicious pork, also referred to as tonkotsu miso chashu ramen.

What Ramen Does Naruto Eat

It is a heavenly dish that consists of pork and miso stock, freshly prepared veggies, boiled soft eggs, and the all important ramen noodles.

If you want to know more about Naruto’s favorite ramen dish, then read on!

What Kind Of Ramen Does Naruto Eat?

It is no surprise if you have taken a liking to Naruto’s ramen dishes – they look incredibly tasty, even though they aren’t real. Oh wait, or are they?

Naruto’s ramen dish is inspired by tonkotsu miso chashu ramen which includes pork bone stock. It also includes lots of extra pork to add to that meaty flavor. 

You will find a selection of fresh veggies too, as well as miso stock, boiled soft eggs and the ramen noodles themselves. The pork may also be in the chashhu style. In fact this is more often the case than not.

This is basically pork which has either been grilled or fried to create a delicious flavor. The word chashu is the Chinese reading of 焼豚  which is Chinese kanji. However, in Japan this is read as yakibuta. 

What Is In The Ramen That Naruto Eats?

If you want to make the ramen that naruto eats in the anime, then you may want to have a clear idea of what is actually in the dish. 

If you were to make your own, then you will need the likes of pork stock, miso paste, kombu (which is Japanese algae) or you can use spinach, eggs, pork chops, scallions, ginger, salted butter, garlic and ramen noodles.

However, you can also throw in the likes of sake and soy sauce for that umami flavor that we love about Asian cooking. If you do not have any ramen noodles to hand, then Chinese egg noodles will do, but they need to be fresh. 

What Is Chashu Pork?

What Is Chashu Pork

Chashu pork is essentially just grilled or fried pork. It is often found in miso ramen and adds a wonderful meaty flavor to the overall dish. 

The best slab of meat for this is pork belly. You will need to cut it into strips and apply salt, along with a few other ingredients like sake, soy sauce, sugar, water and ginger. It will create a crispy style pork that is full of seasoning and umami flavors.

Is Ramen A Popular Dish To Eat?

Ramen is a very popular dish to eat both inside and outside of Japan. Often it is eaten as a quick meal because you can buy cooked dry ramen in individual packaging. Some even eat ramen as a snack, whether water has been added to soften the noodles or they are still dry as a bone.

This is because ramen is precooked and then dehydrated. This means you can crunch away on the dry stuff without it making you unwell.

Ramen can also be eaten fresh, but this is often something you will eat at a restaurant. Many people do not make their own ramen noodles at home. However, there are various ways to buy ramen noodles, with the cooked and dehydrated option being the best. 

What Actually Is Ramen?

Ramen is a noodle soup. This is because ramen is often eaten alongside a broth and extras like veggies, fish or meat. It is also topped with a delicious soft boiled egg too.

When a person uses the dehydrated ramen to make their meal, they also add their own broth too. It is an easy meal to make, and tastes great too!

What Does Tonkotsu Mean?

The type of miso ramen that Naruto makes is referred to as a tonkotsu dish. Tonkotsu ramen is a type of dish that is based on pork bones. Traditionally this ramen dish is made using pork bones as the stock, but this is not something everyone at home wants to use.

Tonkotsu literally translates to pork bones. Using pork bones creates a delicious and meaty stock that is loved by many. The ramen noodles soak up the flavor well. 

If you do not want to use pork bones to make your own tonkotsu miso chashu ramen, then you can just use pork stock instead. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Ramen Does Naruto Eat In The Anime?

Naruto eats a dish called tonkotsu miso chashu ramen in both the anime and the manga. It consists of ramen noodles, a pork bone based broth, chashu pork (fried or grilled pork pieces), fresh veggies, and lots of umami seasoning. It is then topped with a soft boiled egg.

What Is Ramen?

Ramen is a type of noodle soup. The ramen noodles are often put in a delicious tasting broth. However, you can buy dehydrated ramen noodles that you ‘activate’ by adding hot water.

This is the kind you often see packaged or in cups ready to add water too. The noodles themselves are quite thin.

They soak up a lot of flavor too making them a tasty form of noodle to eat, whether as a snack or as a full meal.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy both ramen and Naruto, then you may be wondering what kind of ramen he eats. Fortunately, he likes to enjoy a popular ramen dish full of miso and chashu pork. It is known as tonkotsu miso chashu ramen. 

This roughly translates to a pork bone broth miso fried pork ramen – or something like that! The Japanese definitely have a better name for it.

It is also a well-known dish across Japan, and isn’t a fictional miso dish that was made for the anime or manga. Instead, it is a loved chashu pork meal that people love to eat due to the fresh veggies and the meaty flavors and textures.

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