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How to say Life In Japanese?

Pronunciation: いのち
How to Say It Outloud: inochi
Usage: Refers to the concept of life itself, often used in a more existential or biological context.
Example Sentence Japanese:彼は命を大切にしています。
Example Sentence English:He cherishes life.
Pronunciation: せいかつ
How to Say It Outloud: seikatsu
Usage: Refers to daily life or lifestyle, more about the way one lives.
Example Sentence Japanese:彼女は健康的な生活を送っています。
Example Sentence English:She is leading a healthy life.
Pronunciation: じんせい
How to Say It Outloud: jinsei
Usage: Refers to one's life, often used in a philosophical or reflective context.
Example Sentence Japanese:彼は波乱万丈の人生を送った。
Example Sentence English:He led a life full of ups and downs.
Pronunciation: せいめい
How to Say It Outloud: seimei
Usage: Refers to life as a phenomenon, often used in scientific contexts.
Example Sentence Japanese:宇宙に他の生命が存在するかどうかはわかりません。
Example Sentence English:We don't know whether there is other life in the universe.

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