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How to say Seaweed In Japanese?

Pronunciation: kaisou
How to Say It Outloud: kai-so-u
Usage: 海藻 refers to seaweed in general, used in scientific contexts or when referring to various kinds of seaweed collectively.
Example Sentence Japanese:海藻は健康に良いです。
Example Sentence English:Seaweed is good for health.
Pronunciation: nori
How to Say It Outloud: no-ri
Usage: 海苔 is commonly used to refer to dried seaweed sheets, often used in sushi or as a garnish.
Example Sentence Japanese:お寿司には海苔が必要です。
Example Sentence English:Sushi needs seaweed.
Pronunciation: wakame
How to Say It Outloud: wa-ka-me
Usage: わかめ refers specifically to Undaria pinnatifida, a type of edible seaweed used in soups and salads.
Example Sentence Japanese:味噌汁にわかめを入れました。
Example Sentence English:I added wakame to the miso soup.

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