Does It Snow In Japan?

Does It Snow In Japan?

Japan is in the Northern Hemisphere, and it is a vast country, known for its landscapes and city life. The climate in Japan is pretty average, and they have warm summers and cold winters.

Does It Snow In Japan?

As we discuss the weather in Japan, the country’s climate, and whether it snows or not, we will tell you about the weather in Japan.

Where Is Japan?

Japan is situated in Northeast Asia, and it is in the Northern Hemisphere, as well as the Eastern hemisphere. Japan is situated above the equatorial plane, and it is a long and thin country. It is east of Korea and China, and it is an island country that sits alone.

The country is surrounded by the Sea of Japan, as well as the Sea of Okhotsk (see also, ‘Where is the Sea of Japan?‘). Japan is in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean (see also ‘What Ocean Is Japan Located In?‘). There is mainland Japan, as well as four other main islands!

These islands have different climates (see also ‘What Is The Climate In Japan?‘). The main island which we all know is named Honshu, and this is where you will find most of the Japanese population. The other islands are named Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku, and Okinawa.

Unbelievably, there are actually over 6,000 islands that belong to Japan, but most of these are small and uninhabited.

What Is The Climate Of Japan?

Japan has averagely warm summers (see also, When is Summer in Japan?‘) and icy winters. There is always heavy snow (see also, ‘Does it Snow in Tokyo?‘) on the Sea of Japan side of the island, and Western Japan tends to have really humid and hot summers.

The climate of the country differs a lot due to the amount of islands, and the way the country is shaped. Areas such as Shikoku have an extra-tropical climate, whereas Hokkaidō has an arctic climate, and the Southern islands such as Okinawa have a sub-tropical climate.

Does It Snow In Japan?

Japan is known for the amount of snow it receives. Japan receives around 300-600 inches of snow in winter in the mountainous areas of Japan. This is mainly the skiing areas, and these areas are known for the huge amounts of snow they get.

The northern part of Japan usually freezes in the winter, so this area gets a lot of snow. In Japan, winter runs from December to February, so they have quite a short winter.

The area that receives the most snow in Japan, and the world is called Aomori city, which is situated in the north of the main island, on the side which is surrounded by the Sea of Japan.

Hokkaido also receives a significant amount of snow, and there is an annual snow festival to go with the snow! Hokkaido is the large island above mainland Japan, and this area is known as the Japanese alps.

Other areas where there is snow are in northern mainland Japan, in Tokamachi and Nyuto. The south of Japan rarely gets any snow, such as Tokyo and Kyoto (see also ‘Where To Stay In Kyoto‘).

Why Does Japan Get So Much Snow?

Why Does Japan Get So Much Snow?

Japan gets a lot of snow due to the cold air masses blowing in from Siberia, which is situated above Japan, on the cusp of China and Russia.

This air collides with the mountains in Japan, turning into heavy snow in the winter months. These mountainous areas sometimes receive snow that can be up to six meters deep!

What Is The Coldest Month In Japan?

January is the coldest month in Japan, mostly because it is the middle of winter, where the average low temperature is 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature depends on the location, but Japan receives a lot of snow and cold temperatures in the mountainous areas every year.

What Is The Coldest Area In Japan?

Rikubetsu is known as the coldest area in Japan, where temperatures plummet to -4F in the winter. The average temperature in this area is actually 11.5F year round. Other cold areas in Japan include Hokkaido where it reaches -3F in the winter.

What Is ‘Snow Country’?

In Japan, there is an area known as Snow Country. This area is the area that receives the largest and most long-lasting snowfalls. Generally, it is known as being along the north of mainland Japan. This area includes Niigata and Fukui.

These are the areas that are on the Sea of Japan side of the country, and the area where the most snowfall is felt from the winds of Siberia.

Snow Country also includes the area known as the Japanese Alps, which is the country’s backbone. The Japanese Alps are a series of mountain ranges that bisect the main island of Japan (see also, ‘How Many Islands Does Japan Have?‘).

They are essentially in the middle of the mainland, and cover areas such as Niigata, Toyama, Yamanashi, and Shizuoka. These areas are known as the Japanese Alps because of how large the mountains are, and how much snow they receive.

What Is The Warmest Month In Japan?

The warmest month in Japan is August, where temperatures can reach around 90F, but they average around 75F.

What Is The Warmest Area In Japan?

Ekawasaki is known as one of the warmest areas in Japan, with temperatures reaching 105 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Tokyo is also known to be pretty warm, but this may also be because of the amount of people living in the city.

Areas such as Nagasaki, Fukuoka, and Kumamoto are also warm. Fukuoka is at the South end of mainland Japan, along with Nagasaki and Kumamoto.

What Is The Best Month To Ski In Japan?

Japan is known for its skiing locations, which are situated around the Japanese Alps (see also, ‘What is Japan Known for?‘). This includes Hakuba, Nozawa Onsen, Rusutsu, Tomamu, and Furano. All of these places see a significant amount of snow, and they have large mountains.

The best month to ski in Japan is January and February. In January, there are lots of events in the ski resorts, and Japan holds its festival of snow. January and February have the best amount of snow, but March and April may be cheaper.

Is There A Place On Earth Where It Snows The Most?

As we know, the snowiest place in the world is known as Aomori in Japan. Other areas where it snows the most are Alyeska, Alaska, Chamonix, France, and Mt. Washington in New Hampshire.

Final Thoughts

Japan is a beautiful country, with several islands. Japan receives a lot of snow every year, and is known for its festival of snow.

Japan is actually one of the snowiest places in the whole world, and it is one of the best places to go skiing. We hope you’ve learned something about the snow in Japan, and the coldest areas!

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