Why Is Fruit So Expensive In Japan?

Why Is Fruit So Expensive In Japan?

Japan is well known for being a very unique nation with its own unique culture, and numerous practices that differ massively from our usual Western standards.

However, with a culture so massively different from that found in the Western world, it is only natural that many find themselves with a number of questions concerning some of the customs and standards in the country.

One very specific but very popular question is why fruit tends to be so massively expensive in Japan. Why are the prices so high? What’s the reason? And are there any ways to counter that price?

If you’ve been pondering these questions over the past few days, then you will definitely want to read on, because we are going to take a look at what makes fruit so expensive in Japan!

Why Is Fruit So Expensive In Japan?

There are actually a number of factors that go towards making fruit so expensive within Japan. One of the many reasons is that Japanese farmers tend to have a very proud attitude, and as such, they put a massive amount of labor into ensuring that their fruit grows to be healthy and vibrant. 

The considerable labor that goes into growing fruit in Japan is thus reflected in the price of the fruit, as a way of rewarding the farmer for their hard work.

Another factor that can massively increase the price of fruit within Japan is the season. Some fruits naturally grow more efficiently at certain times of the year and thus require less labor, and there is a greater yield. As such, at times, certain fruits will be worth more, as they will not be in season. 

For example, strawberries and apples are commonly associated with winter, and thus during the summer they are much harder to get your hands on, so they are sold for higher prices at grocery stores.

Fruits in Japan are also often considered to be luxury items, and thus many grocery stores can afford to charge exorbitant prices on their produce.

Fruits are often given as gifts to express gratitude, which has helped to promote their image as luxury goods, which in turn has caused their price to skyrocket. 

This applies to most fruits in Japan, but especially fruits such as watermelon, grapes, and strawberries.

Strawberries, in particular, are a hot-ticket item in Japan, thanks to the fact that they are actually much sweeter than strawberries that you may find in the West. They are also much larger than western strawberries, thanks to how they are grown.

How Can You Eat Fruit For Cheaper In Japan?

If you were to ever visit or live in Japan, and you wanted to enjoy some yummy and fresh fruit, you are going to need to know where to go to find fruit that is a little more affordable. 

One of the ways in which you can save money on fruit in Japan is to head to local farmer’s markets. Farmers’ markets within Japan allow farmers to get into direct contact with their customers, which also means that they are able to set their own prices. 

Farmers will most often choose to sell their fruit for prices much lower than those found in grocery stores, in order to gain that competitive edge.

Why Is Fruit So Expensive In Japan?

Thus, if you ever find yourself at a farmer’s market in Japan, and you are craving some fresh fruit, don’t hesitate to buy some from there, as it could save you much more money than you would spend in a grocery store.

As well as this, buying from a farmers’ market also ensures that you are getting the freshest produce right from those that produced it. You are also paying the farmer directly so that they receive the full profit from selling the fruit, which can be a great way to show gratitude for the hard work that they do.

As well as farmers’ markets, you should also look out for any local fruit picking sessions. Many farmers will often organize fruit-picking sessions that you can attend with friends and family, and allow you to pick as many fruits as you want, and chow down on them right then and there. 

Fruit-picking events are often hosted for all sorts of fruits, and so you can really achieve a varied diet of fruits by keeping your eyes peeled for such events!

Enjoying your fruit right after you have picked it actually makes it taste all the sweeter, with the knowledge that your labor yielded such sweet rewards!

To Wrap Up

Fruits tend to often be very expensive in Japan, thanks to the immense labor that goes into producing them. Grocery stores will often charge high prices for fruit because of the labor involved in growing and acquiring it. 

Grocery stores can also afford to charge more for fruit products because of how fruit is perceived within Japan. Fruits are viewed as luxury items, and thus customers are more willing to spend higher prices on them. 

However, though fruit can be expensive in Japan, there are plenty of ways of accessing it more affordably, such as via farmers’ markets, or via picking events!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Fruits Rare In Japan?

Although it is not impossible to get your hands on fresh and delicious fruit within Japan, much of Japan’s land mass is made up of mountainous regions, and as such, there is actually a lower percentage of fertile lands that will accommodate the growth of large yields of fruit. 

Do Japanese Eat Much Fruit?

Though you could easily imagine it may be troublesome for fruit to be so expensive in Japan, very little fruit is actually eaten within the country in the first place.

This ties into the fact that fruits in Japan are viewed as luxury items, and so Japanese people will often make an event of eating fruit or giving it as a gift to a loved one.

Why Is Japanese Diet So Healthy?

The Japanese diet is largely much healthier than traditional diets found in the west, because of the fact that much of it is rich in fish, teas, soy, and vegetables, all of which can be linked to greater heart health, and a lower risk of weight gain!

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