Where Can I Buy Chopsticks?

Where Can I Buy Chopsticks

If you’re looking for chopsticks but are unsure where you can go to get them, we’re here to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Where Can I Buy Chopsticks

We’ll take you through some of the different types of chopsticks, what they are used for, what they are made of and which accessories you may need.

And of course, we’ll answer the question, where can I buy chopsticks?

Japanese Hashi

Japanese chopsticks are among the best in the world. Created by skilled artisans they follow centuries of craftsmanship and tradition to produce chopsticks that are works of art. However, they are still practical and can be used every day. 

The majority of Japanese chopsticks are made in the town of Obama, which has a long tradition of crafting these eating utensils. 

Around 80% of Japanese chopsticks are made there. Centuries ago hundreds of families were involved in the craft of making chopsticks, today there are only about ten chopstick makers. 

In Japan, chopsticks are called hashi which means bridge and are typically 9 inches long with a gradual taper from handle to tip. Japanese hashi in their many forms can be bought at Amazon or in large stores such as Walmart. 

There are many different styles of Japanese chopsticks made in a variety of materials such as bamboo, stainless steel or fiberglass. 

Wakasa Chopsticks

Ocean inspired Wakasa chopsticks are some of the most beautiful eating utensils you will ever encounter. Made to reflect the underwater views of Wakasa bay the chopsticks are made in different materials each with a unique look. 

You can buy these online, in specialty stores or from large retail stores. The natural materials used in making Wakasa chopsticks make them some of the finest and most expensive in the world.

This is also because the hand made process can take up to two months for each pair. 

Eggshell, pine needles, shells and natural lacquer are all used in the making of Wakasa chopsticks. Each pair is meant to represent the ocean floor and those with concentric circles or different colored lines are made by applying more than 50 layers of lacquer. 

Wakasa chopsticks are beautifully ornate and would make a great gift for someone who loves Asian food. 

Chinese Styles

Chinese chopsticks are slightly different from Japanese chopsticks as they have blunt tips rather than the pointed tips of Japanese chopsticks. They have a different style, being more simple, but there are still many ornate Chinese chopsticks. 

Available to buy from Amazon or large stores such as Walmart it is possible to choose between very plain, functional chopsticks or pairs that make excellent gifts. 

Depending on the material that the chopsticks are made from will determine the best method of cleaning your chopsticks.

Most can be wiped clean without any need for detergent or abrasive cleaning methods. Melamine chopsticks are very durable however. 

Not all materials are suitable for the dishwasher and in particular any lacquer covered chopsticks may be damaged if exposed to high temperatures and water.

Natural wood chopsticks which are not covered in lacquer or paint should not be immersed in water. 

Personalized Chopsticks

It is possible to buy chopsticks which have been personalized. This is a great idea for a gift or to make sure that everyone uses their own chopsticks. These can be bought online or from specialist shops. 

If you wish to give the personalized chopsticks as a gift some come in bamboo cases or gift boxes. Others come in leather pouches which can also be personalized 

Japanese chopsticks are 9 inches long with a pointed tip and Chinese are 10 inches and have a blunt tip. Each is available in personalized format. 

Fun Chopsticks

There are a wide range of chopsticks that come in fun designs for kids, as novelty gifts or as traveling eating utensils.

Depending on what you are looking for you can buy rainbow chopsticks, whimsical characters, samurai swords and even dinosaur chopsticks. 

One of the best places to get some of these fun chopsticks is Everything Chopsticks, an online retailer. 

Some such as the Samurai sword chopsticks feature a handle and hilt mimicking the famous swords and also come with a chopstick rest and a silken pouch to keep them in.

For kids, the dinosaur chopsticks are great fun and will encourage little ones to learn how to use them 

Cooking Chopsticks

Chopsticks used for cooking are much longer than the ones used for eating. Typically they are 15 ½ -16 ½  inches long and can be made from wood, stainless steel, and bamboo.  

Some cooking chopsticks also come with silicone tips. These have the benefit of being gentle on non-stick pots and pans, are heat resistant and have better grip. 

These can be bought online, in specialty cooking shops or in large retail stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond.

Online retailers such as Everything Chopstick also sell cooking chopsticks such as the stainless steel Tempura chopsticks specifically designed for deep frying. 

Chopstick Accessories

For an authentic feel when using your chopsticks you should also have some of the great accessories that go with them. Chopstick holders and rests come in lots of different styles and are made from various materials. 

Perhaps the most well known chopstick rests are the bean shaped variety with a concave center. However, one of the most popular for both Chinese and Japanese chopsticks are cute cat style holders.

These can be bought online in specialty stores such as Ninja Kitchen Market. 

Other chopstick accessories include pouches and boxes to carry your chopsticks with you. This keeps them clean and means you will always be ready to tuck into your favorite Asian food.

They vary from fabric sleeves to plastic cases or ornate lacquered boxes. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide to buying chopsticks has been helpful. So, whether you are buying them for cooking, for eating or as a gift you will now know which are the best to buy and where to find them.

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