When Is Fall In Japan?

As the summer comes to a close and we head into fall, the temperature in Japan cools down and allows anyone in the country to enjoy calm, peaceful walks outside and take in what the land has to offer.

When Is Fall In Japan

Fall is often known as one of the best seasons in the world due to how the landscape changes and the natural beauty of the nation bursts through – but when exactly is fall in Japan?

Well, from roughly mid-September until early December is the answer. But there’s a lot more to know about fall in Japan than just this, so we’ve written this handy guide to provide you with everything you need to know.

We’ll look at what to expect during the fall and other helpful tips to know. Ready to learn more? Read on with us! 

Japan’s Landscape And Climate In The Fall 

As fall gets into full swing around November time, you will notice that the natural beauty of the country starts to bloom. The trees and their leaves change with gorgeous hues of orange, red and yellow. 

Indeed, these mixtures of colors provide a striking scene and this makes it ideal to take a stroll through the local areas of the country and take everything in. This is helped even further by the cooled temperatures.

Depending on where you are in the country, what you may need to wear during this season will differ. For example, in Honshu and Kyushu – you can happily just wear a t-shirt during October and November.

But, if you were to travel further north – you will likely need to put a few more layers on because the temperature starts to drop. On the island of Hokkaido though, you will likely need a winter jacket because it is much colder.

Throughout this time, the humidity in the country reduces too – and this makes it perfect for vacation goers.

In fact, many local residents will book their vacation time during late September, so you will see many more crowds around during early fall.

The Bloom Of Flowers During The Fall 

As the temperatures start dropping in Japan, the amazing forestry around the country starts to show highlights of their beautiful colors that we spoke about earlier. A direct result of this means many more visitors in the local parks and traditional gardens.

One of the best of these gardens during the fall is in the nation’s capital of Tokyo. It’s much advised to visit Rikugien Garden which provides an amazing view of the fall and a calming setting. 

Another favorite place to go around this time to see the beautiful landscape is Lake Kawaguchiko, which is located at the base of Mount Fuji. This allows you to see the stunning views of Mount Fuji reflected in the clear lake waters.

You will also take in the glorious sights of the colorful trees scattered across the mountainside and lake’s banks. 

In Kyoto, you can see the colors flourish too, especially if you are a fan of viewing the leaves changing during the fall. With traditional gardens and temples around the area, you will be in the best possible place.

One example of this is Kiyomizudera Temple which provides some of the most glorious foliage scenes in the country, including cosmos flowers and chrysanthemums.

Festivals In The Fall

Due to the changing landscape and the comfortable drop in temperature, it makes for an ideal time to hold many festivals and events in the country. In fact, it doesn’t matter where you are in the country, you’ll find a festival nearby somewhere!

Perhaps one of the most well known festivals in the country is the Nagasaki Kunchi Festival which is believed to be as old as the seventeenth century. The festival celebrates the harvest in the fall.

Due to the origins having a connection with Dutch traders, the festival has strong cultural influences to the Dutch with rituals and similar events. 

In Kyoto, you can enjoy the Jidai Matsuri which is one of Japan’s most significant events. This event is said to be a commemoration of the Heian Jingu Shrine and the relocation of the previous capital.

During this event, there are usually plenty of music performances and cultural shows. It really is something you need to see.

Fukushima however, offers the Nihonmatsu Lantern Festival which allows visitors to celebrate and learn about Japan’s history and culture, whilst being taken back by the glorious shows.

Sports In The Fall 

Due to the temperature and landscape changes during the fall, it’s an ideal time to enjoy sports in the country too. Since 1963, Japan has held an annual Japanese Grand Prix which sees thousands of spectators to the event.

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Kyushu offers something different though. The International Balloon Fiesta attracts many visitors, as they launch 100 hot air balloons into the sky with various colors, which seems to contrast well with the colors of the leaves and trees around the country. 

In the middle of November, you could take part, or watch, the Kobe Marathon. This is a race that sees thousands flock to the event which lasts from City Hall to Kobe Harbor. Those that take part can absorb all the natural beauty as they race.

Fall Illuminations 

There are quite a few illuminations around Japan in the fall. Tokyo has evening illuminations in Rikugien Gardens, which are set in such a way that you can see the glory of the changing colors of the landscape. 

Kyushu has a similar event, but it’s themed with both Japanese and Dutch influences – which is known as the Kingdom of Lights display.

Final Thoughts 

Japan in the fall from September to December is something to behold. From its natural colors to its events, you won’t find many places quite like it in the world.

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