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How to say See You Soon In Japanese?

Pronunciation: ma-ta-ne
How to Say It Outloud: ma-TA-ne
Usage: Casual expression used among friends.
Example Sentence Japanese:今ζ—₯はζ₯½γ—γ‹γ£γŸγ‚ˆγ€‚γΎγŸγ­οΌ
Example Sentence English:I had fun today. See you soon!
Pronunciation: ma-ta a-i-ma-shou
How to Say It Outloud: ma-TA a-I-ma-SHOU
Usage: A more polite expression, often used in semi-formal situations.
Example Sentence Japanese:今ζ—₯γ―γŠθ©±γ§γγ¦γ‚ˆγ‹γ£γŸγ§γ™γ€‚γΎγŸδΌšγ„γΎγ—γ‚‡γ†γ€‚
Example Sentence English:It was nice talking to you today. See you soon!
Pronunciation: ma-ta chi-ka-i u-chi ni
How to Say It Outloud: ma-TA chi-KA-i U-chi NI
Usage: Used to imply that you will see each other in the near future.
Example Sentence Japanese:γΎγŸθΏ‘γ„γ†γ‘γ«γŠδΌšγ„γ—γΎγ—γ‚‡γ†γ€‚
Example Sentence English:Let's meet again soon.
Pronunciation: ma-ta su-gu ni
How to Say It Outloud: ma-TA SU-gu NI
Usage: Indicates that you will see each other very soon.
Example Sentence Japanese:γ‚‚γ†θ‘Œγ‹γͺγγ‘γ‚ƒγ€‚γΎγŸγ™γγ«οΌ
Example Sentence English:I have to go now. See you very soon!


γΎγ γΎγ γ“γ‚Œγ‹γ‚‰γΎγ γΎγ γ“γ‚Œγ‹γ‚‰Common word
Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
  • it's not over yet; you haven't seen anything yet; it's not over until the fat lady sings; it's too soon to tell; we're not out of the woods

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