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How to say Room In Japanese?

Pronunciation: heya
How to Say It Outloud: heh-yah
Usage: Used to refer to a room, typically in a house or building.
Example Sentence Japanese:彼は自分の部屋で勉強しています。
Example Sentence English:He is studying in his room.
Pronunciation: shitsu
How to Say It Outloud: shee-tsu
Usage: Used to refer to a room, often in a formal or specific context such as a classroom or office.
Example Sentence Japanese:このビルには会議室があります。
Example Sentence English:This building has a conference room.
Pronunciation: ma
How to Say It Outloud: mah
Usage: Can also be used to refer to a space or room within a structure.
Example Sentence Japanese:この家には六つの間があります。
Example Sentence English:This house has six rooms.
Pronunciation: ruumu
How to Say It Outloud: roo-mu
Usage: A transliteration of the English word 'room.' Used in contexts where English loanwords are common.
Example Sentence Japanese:彼女はリビングルームにいます。
Example Sentence English:She is in the living room.

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