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How to say Happy Thanksgiving In Japanese?

Pronunciation: kan-sha-sai o-me-de-tou
How to Say It Outloud: kan-sha-sai o-me-de-tou
Usage: Used to wish someone a happy Thanksgiving.
Example Sentence Japanese:感謝祭おめでとう!家族と楽しい時間を過ごしてね。
Example Sentence English:Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the time with your family.
しゅく かんしゃさい
Pronunciation: shuku kan-sha-sai
How to Say It Outloud: shuku kan-sha-sai
Usage: A formal or written way to say Happy Thanksgiving.
Example Sentence Japanese:祝 感謝祭。皆様に感謝の意を表します。
Example Sentence English:Happy Thanksgiving. I express my gratitude to everyone.
Pronunciation: hap-pi- san-ku-su-gi-bin-gu
How to Say It Outloud: hap-pi- san-ku-su-gi-bin-gu
Usage: An English-oriented phrase using Katakana, often used among young people or in casual settings.
Example Sentence Japanese:ハッピーサンクスギビング!今年も感謝することがたくさんあります。
Example Sentence English:Happy Thanksgiving! There are many things to be thankful for this year.

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