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How to say Dates In Japanese?

Pronunciation: hidzuke
How to Say It Outloud: hi-dzu-ke
Usage: common term for dates in general contexts such as calendars, schedules, and formal documents
Example Sentence Japanese:この書類に日付を書いてください。
Example Sentence English:Please write the date on this document.
Pronunciation: deeto
How to Say It Outloud: de-e-to
Usage: used to refer to romantic dates or outings with a significant other
Example Sentence Japanese:今週末にデートがあります。
Example Sentence English:I have a date this weekend.
Pronunciation: nichiji
How to Say It Outloud: ni-chi-ji
Usage: used to specify both date and time, often in formal settings
Example Sentence Japanese:会議の日時を教えてください。
Example Sentence English:Please let me know the date and time of the meeting.

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