Aura Ruggeri

Hi, I’m Aura Ruggeri and I want to make sure that no one makes the same mistake that I did. So, if you’re planning a trip to Japan anytime soon, do exactly that - plan! Read up on all of the amazing things to do here to make the most of your time. I can bet that you’ll still return home feeling like you could’ve explored much more.

How To Store Mochi

Been on social media lately? If you have, then you might have caught on to one of the most popular food trends currently circulating… Mochi rice cakes! Otherwise referred to as simply Mochi, mochi is one of Japan’s most iconic treats, and has a deliciously sweet flavor that you won’t be able to get enough …

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How To Pack For Japan

Japan is known for its high standards of living, cleanliness, and efficiency. If you want to stay comfortable in Japan, you should pack accordingly. Japanese culture is very particular about their lifestyle. They take pride in being organized and efficient. They also value cleanliness and orderliness. Packing for Japan requires a bit of research and …

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Best Jobs In Japan

Japan is undoubtedly an awesome place to live and work. From the beautiful seasonal cherry blossoms to the out-of-this-world technology and amazing cityscapes, there are plenty of reasons that tourists flock to Japan every year. It’s also an extremely attractive option to move to, whether you’re a recent college graduate looking for your next adventure …

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